Our Healthcare team is here to help with COVID-19- specific solutions

COVID Health Bot Template

Reduce contact center burden by enabling self-service triage while maintaining high quality care and patient engagement.

Emergency Response Power App

Collect and manage data for situational awareness of resources such as beds, ventilators, masks, COVID-19 patient burden, staffing, and pending discharges.

Digital Transformation for Health and Life Sciences

Today’s healthcare industry is rapidly changing with new digital trends and demands. At PowerObjects, we recognize the digital transformation drivers that can help you reimagine healthcare so you can deliver better experiencesbetter insight, and better care.

Whether you are a healthcare provider looking to enhance patient experiences and improve care team coordination, a payor who needs to bring together people, data, and processes to better enable personalized care, or a life sciences organization looking to drive faster clinical advancements, PowerObjects will help you explore your options, deliver a solution, educate your users, and support your system.



of patients expect every health institution to have access to their full medical history

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

is predicted to bring $150 billion dollars in annual savings for the US healthcare economy by 2026

Global Healthcare Chatbots Market

projected to reach $314.3 million by 2023

PowerObjects Solutions for Health and Life Sciences

Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365, we work with healthcare organizations of all sizes to reimagine the ways they bring together people, data, and processes to:

  • Enable personalized care by getting more precise about patients. Provide secure 360-degree access to patient information to all stakeholders and deliver information through user-friendly tools to facilitate patient education and interaction.
  • Empower care teams by allowing them to communicate and collaborate through a single secure place that integrates data, clinical systems, apps, and electronic health records. Gather data from all sources, including remote devices, to provide timely alerts, interventions, and personalized treatment plans.
  • Improve operational outcomes by integrating predictive insights and role-based workflows with existing systems. Create proactive treatment and wellness plans while ensuring compliance and confidentiality.
  • Improve the patient journey by integrating the many touchpoints and channels along the way. From initial contact to onsite and follow-up care, the patient journey is rarely linear – instead, it’s a multi-stage journey with lots of twists and turns. Our team will work with you to streamline that journey, allowing you to empower your patients across the entire care continuum.

Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator

Improving patient experience goes a lot deeper than meeting their expectations during an appointment. You need to send reminders and confirm details beforehand as well as follow up and provide post-care afterward.

With Microsoft’s Healthcare Accelerator for Dynamics 365, you can connect this complicated communication matrix using patient-centric terminology as well as seamless integration with EMR and EHR systems for a streamlined patient experience.

The Microsoft Healthcare Accelerator includes…

  • Pre-built entities and forms to speed up development of new healthcare solutions
  • Standards-based model fully compliant with industry compliance standards including HIPAA and HITRUST
  • Connected view of the care team associated with a patient and their roles
  • Chronological patient information, enabling providers to make informed care decisions
  • Health entities unified with standard CDM entities, ensuring consistency across applications and out-of-box APIs for seamless integration to 3rd-party EMR and EHR systems

Microsoft Healthcare Bot

The Microsoft Healthcare Bot allows you to engage with patients at a whole new level with conversational AI. The Healthcare Bot isn’t just for your patients to get answers to their questions – your internal users can also use the Bot to get answers to patient inquiries through a user interface integrated with Teams.

Healthcare Bot includes…

  • Built-in healthcare AI services
  • A fully functional symptom checker
  • Medical content from trusted industry sources
  • Language-understanding models to decipher medical and clinical terminology

Healthcare Case Studies

PowerObjects has helped many customers explore Healthcare Solutions and make the switch to CRM for Dynamics 365.
Read the following case studies to see some examples:

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