See things differently with a map-based visual representation of your Dynamics 365 records.

What is PowerMap?

If you’re looking for a more visual representation of records in your system, you’re going to love PowerMap! Once a user has selected an entity and a view, this PowerPack add-on plots all of the individual records from that view on one map. You can map multiple entities, map multiple views at one time, and save your customizable preferences within PowerMap, including map configurations, zoom levels, and views.


  • Supports any entity – as long as it includes an address field.
  • Clicking a pin on the map displays a summary of the record and provides auto-options for things like directions, emailing, assigning, adding to a marketing list, and more.
  • Bulk actions – like assigning the records or adding them to a marketing list – are also available for all pins on the map.
  • Open a record directly from the map simply by clicking on the name of the record in the summary view.
  • Map more than one entity/view on the map at a time.
  • Choose a separate pin for each entity or view you are mapping.
  • Save map and legend configurations so that you can return directly in the future.
  • Share your saved map and legend configurations with your team, saving them time from having to create their own.
  • Heat mapping is available to show where clusters of records exist.
  • Put PowerMap directly on any form in Dynamics 365 to see other records in relation to the one open on your screen.



Price is per user, per month. All enabled users are automatically counted – this includes read-only users, admin-only users, and service accounts.

30-day free trial available for each PowerPack add-on!

Solution Requirements
PowerMap is supported on any online or on-premises implementation of:

  • Dynamics 365
  • CRM 2016
  • CRM 2015



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