Search and edit within an entity view within CRM for Dynamics 365.

What is PowerGrid?

Ever wished you could edit records from within a view in Dynamics 365? With PowerObjects’ PowerGrid you can. PowerGrid enables users to consolidate their editing processes by selecting an entity and a pre-defined view from that entity, system or personal, and edit those records from the grid without needing to open each individual record. Inline editing makes it fast and easy to edit records, add new records or remove records without ever having to navigate away from the PowerGrid screen. On top of PowerGrid’s inline editing capabilities, the solution allows CRM users to search within entity views. Need to search within inactive record views? No problem. With PowerGrid you can say goodbye to the days of creating advanced finds every time you want to search within any view. We’ve also augmented PowerGrid’s functionality with the side reading pane and ability to add activities to records on the fly.

  • Inline editing makes changing record details fast and easy
  • Searching within a CRM view has never been easier
  • Choose to search in enabled system views, or personal views
  • Supports searching of views of out-of-the-box and custom entities
  • Configurable reading pane lets users see record details without opening the record itself
  • PowerGrid does not work on the Product entity



Price is per user, per month. All enabled users are automatically counted. This includes read only users, admin only users, and service accounts.

30-day free trials available for all PowerPacks!

Solution Requirements:

Any Online or on-premise implementation of:
•CRM 2015
•CRM 2016
•Dynamics 365



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