As promised folks, here is a follow-up to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Activity Feed, Part 1 – Getting Started post. This second part looks more into the functionality of the solutions as well as demonstrate a couple neat things you can do.


Let’s jump right in…..

Once you have selected all the entities you would want to follow, and have published the customizations, you are now ready to start Working with Activity Feeds.

The first thing I want to point out is that when you define the entities you follow in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Activity Feed Configuration entity, you also have the option to display the ‘Feed’ within the entity’s record.


By checking off the box will enable the feed in the ‘What’s New’ area, as well as in the Account Record.

Here’s a screenshot of an Account:


  1. If you select to enable the Feed to display on the record, you will see a Record Wall tab on all records for that entity. By default the form will open to the General Section, so you will have to click the ‘Record Wall’ to see all related posts.
  2. You can create workflows that automatically create a post if a field changes on your account. Similar to Audit history.


  1. See all new opportunities being created for your account
  2. Allow users to ‘follow’ account from within the record
  3. See all activities being created against your account

Note: all posts in your record will also appear in your ‘What’s New’ area.

One of the features in the Activity Feed that Chatter users like is the ability to create and follow Groups.

Here’s what you can do.

  1. Create a new Entity for Group
    1. Add additional fields for some added group detail
    2. Save
    3. Publish the entity
  2. Navigate to Activity Feed Configuration
    1. Add new_group to the list of entities
    2. Check off box to enable Record Wall on the Group records
    3. Save and close
  3. Publish the Group entity (again)
  4. Add Group to users security roles
    1. Decide ‘who should be able to create Group’

Once a Group is created, the owner can then share the group with other group members. Note: once shared with other users (or teams), the user will still have to select the Follow Group option. Chatter alternative

Voila… Activity Feed “Groups”! I should also mention, there is no out-of-box ‘request to follow group’ or option for daily, weekly updates. Once you follow a group, the group posts will display in the ‘What’s New’ area, as well as within the Group record.

Give it a try……happy CRM’ing.

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