Did you hear? Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 5 was released last week. We live and breathe Microsoft Dynamics CRM here at PowerObjects so it is no surprise that this big news.One of the cool new features is the much anticipated Microsoft Dynamics CRM Activity Feed.


What is the Activity Feed? Activity Feed is Microsoft CRM 2011 version of your LinkedIn or Facebook home page where it displays recent ‘activities’ or updates related to those entities in which you choose to follow. This mini Social Networking tool within CRM, will increase communication and provide quick and easy access to information you need.

Here a look at some of the features:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Activity Feed

  1. What’s New area added to your Workplace area
  2. Share an insight with your colleagues, update your status
  3. Edit your personal profile, add a photo
  4. View who and what you are following in the Activity Feed area
  5. See other people status updates
  6. Post Url’s in Activity Feed

To set up the Activity Feed (for existing CRM customer)

  1. Ensure you have proper security roles to import solutions
  2. Download the Activity Feed solutions from Microsoft Pin Point
  3. Settings > Solutions > Import

Once imported the ‘What’s New’ entity will appear in the work place area

And two new entities will be created in your Settings Area.

  1. Activity Feed Configuration
  2. Activity Feed Rule

Activity Feed Configuration

Allows you to define which entities your organization can follow

By Default, System Users are added.

To add new entities

  1. Click New
  2. Enter the entity Name

Note: enter the entity’s logical name, for example for Accounts enter accounts (it is case sensitive)

  1. Click Save and New to add other entities
  2. Very important, you will need to publish all entities you add to the Activity Feed Configuration for the changes to take effect.

Activity Feed Rules

Displays activity feeds records related to the posts you choose to follow.

Follow Users (and Entities).

To follow users (or entities)

  1. Navigate the What’s Net section in the Workplace area.
  2. Select Advanced Find in the Ribbon

  1. Use advanced find to search for records

  1. Select Results

  1. Use the checkbox to select the users you want to follow
  2. Select Follow
  3. Confirmation Window appears, Click OK

You can follow the same process for following Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities etc. (Provided you added those entities in the Activity Feed Configuration section.

Stay tuned for Activity Feeds, Part 2 – Working with Activity Feeds and, as always, Happy CRM’ing!

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