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How To Deliver High Performance Capital Markets Customer Experiences Through Segmentation  60 min

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Learn how to create customer loyalty in Capital Markets by leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365, LinkedIn, and Discovery Data to deliver the right messages, to the right constituents, at the right time regardless of channel, business unit, customer, or employee!

As the Capital Markets industry continues to grow and as product companies continue to fight for “Top of Mind Awareness,” it is even more imperative to differentiate yourself by providing personalized, proactive, and predictive customer experience interactions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 will streamline the way in which you manage complex hierarchies, associations, teams, and relationships
  • Preview how an integrated Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn “Voice of the Customer” record will empower your touch points
  • Learn how Discovery Data can empower your CRM and LinkedIn data by providing accurate performance and data points for interacting with your firm, branch, and contact segmentation


Greg Moser 
US FSI Director

Kate Leggett 
VP, Principal Analyst

Bob Herrmann 
Discovery Data