Want to engage your clientele through SMS messages in a fun and interactive manner? Join Dean Jones, Senior Vice President of PowerObjects, an HCL Company, as he discusses PowerTrivia, a new social game designed to engage with attendees at PowerUp 2015. With PowerTrivia, users can leverage their PowerSurveyPlus, PowerSMS, and PowerWebForm subscriptions to create and track trivia games within CRM.

Users can create custom messages for events like perfect score, incorrect questions, or even if the game has not yet started. Game scheduling allows users to set game play hours, which is great for events such as conferences, expos, or contest windows.

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Video Transcript

We wanted to create a game that we could play at our PowerUp Event, so we created a game called PowerTrivia, social game. We send a text message. You interact with your phone and we were able to get people involved. We took one of our PowerPacks called PowerSMS. It allows us to send SMS messages. We have keywords, such as game, top, and score. When you text game, we send you a web form. When you type Top, we send you a SMS message with the top scores. When you type score, we send you your score.

A pretty neat concept, using PowerSMS, PowerWebForm, and PowerSurveyPlus, we can send you a little questionnaire and score your questions and respond back to you. Three PowerPacks, a workflow, and we were up and going. Pretty cool.

The other thing we have a lot of fun with is when we send you your next question, we look and see how many questions you’ve gotten right. We tried to make it look like a real person was responding, and I think we did a great job because what actually happened, we had a lot of users actually send us messages and comments saying, “I must be doing the worst,” or they thought they were engaging with a person instead of a workflow.

The social game was actually working. We could send messages that were unique to each person. Each person got a different question at a different time. You got questions actually faster if you got them wrong, so you could catch up. If you got a wrong answer, you got a question in 15 minutes. You got a right answer, you actually got your next question in 30 minutes.

If we put in all the features we were thinking of, it would’ve taken longer, but we’re probably going to turn it into a PowerPack. We can make it so that other people can leverage the game, and they could set up their own games and make PowerTrivia something that we can use to create social games for organizations.

A good example, we have a customer looking at a quit smoking campaign. Using something like PowerTrivia, I can text a keyword, craving, and then try to come up with responses that actually engage and allow you to ask questions. I can send a question saying, “How did that last tip work?” I can create a very social game using PowerSMS, PowerWebForm, and PowerSurveyPlus.