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PowerObjects is a professional services firm 100% focused on providing service, support, education and add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. At PowerObjects, our culture is a huge part of what makes us unique. We’ve got rad décor, treadmill desks, dog friendly offices, pinball machines, and more free food than you can imagine!

We are a company that truly believes you should love going in to work every day, and our workspaces and internal company events are a direct reflection of that ideology. Take a look into the culture of PowerObjects and find out what makes us, a Minneapolis-based Microsoft Dynamics Partner, one of the best in the world!

Video Transcript

Speaker 1: It’s different than any environment that I’ve ever been in before.

Speaker 2: Everybody’s very jovial, very casual. They all have smiles on their faces.

Speaker 5: From the day I walked in, the people were amazing.

Dean: PowerObjects is a company I started back in 1993. It was just myself, zero employees.

Jim: Dean and I decided on a new strategic vision for the company and that was to focus 100% of our efforts on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Dean: Jim and I were confident we could be best in the world at Microsoft Dynamics CRM and that was the big change. That was the turning point.

Jim: What we did was we created four pillars around Dynamics CRM and said this is what we have to focus on day in and day out. We surround it with services, support, education, and add-ons.

Dean: It’s a story that the employees understand, customers understand, Microsoft understands. Every single decision we made was to be the number one Microsoft Dynamics partner in the world. If the answer was no, we didn’t do it. Everyone in our organization is so passionate about delivering, they don’t know if it’s Monday or Friday. When you love what you do, you don’t have to manage.

The core values are something we hire by. We use it in the selling process. We use it to communicate who we are and what we do. It is one of our main reasons for success.

Jim: It’s really around the “Think Team.” The team of people that we use to drive our solutions and everything that we do is so unique in our industry. Until you actually work here and you’ve experienced it, it’s really hard to imagine. It’s a comfortable environment to work in. I don’t want to come to work in a suit and tie every day. I want to see my dog when I’m at work. I want to get on the treadmills. I want to play some pinball. There’s just … there’s things that I want to do. I spend a significant amount of time here.

Speaker 5: They’re basically just a bunch of different stress relievers in different forms.

Speaker 2: The other thing I love about PowerObjects is the cultural diversity that we have in the workforce. We have people from Nepal to Finland working in this company.

Dean: 14 countries, 27 languages, and six dogs. I love it when I come in here and see a representation of the world.

Speaker 5: There’s not one person in this building that is unapproachable.

Speaker 1: Everybody who works, they work really, really hard, and they’re really passionate about what they’re doing.

Dean: How do we drive additional value? How do we add value back into Dynamics CRM? When you get that, an organization of our size now just focused on that problem every single day, it’s amazing what we do for our customers.