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After you've invested in Dynamics 365, how do you make sure that your investment pays off? One way you can ensure success with CRM is by training and educating your CRM users right from the start as well as provide them ongoing education options. In this episode of The CRM Minute, hear from our amazing education team about how PowerObjects can help!

Video Transcript

Jhelsi: Hi. I’m Jhelsi. I’m a CRM trainer here at PowerObjects. Today, we’re going to be talking about our training opportunities through CRM University and what type of value it can bring to your organization. Whether you’re starting your journey with CRM or just looking for the latest and greatest functionality with the newest version, come join us for one of our boot camps with me.

Boot camp pairs CRM application capabilities with business scenarios surrounding the sales, service, and marketing modules, and how you can customize them on the back end. My goal in boot camp is to marry business and technology needs, discuss best practices throughout CRM, invoke confidence with you as a user. Where do I need to go to find something within the system?And facilitate collaboration amongst fellow attendees.

Do you need more in depth training surrounding your customized system or upgrading to a new version? Let our trainers at PowerObjects work with your team for a truly great experience. Already familiar with CRM? We got you covered. Here’s my fellow trainer, Tad, to tell you about training options for advanced users.

Thanks, Jhelsi. Hi, I’m Tad, another one of the trainers here at PowerObjects. In addition to the great courses that Jhelsi talked about, we also have some more technical, advanced courses to take your CRM game to the next level.

Two classes that go together well are Becoming a BI Wizard. This will drive you into SQL, FetchXML, as well as a good introduction to Power BI, the hot new analytics product for CRM. The Advanced Processes class will make you a processes superhero with work flows, dialogues, and business process flows.

For developers and more advanced technical users, we offer a two-day fast track, looking at CRM from end to end, highlighting all of the features. This sets you up for the three-day introduction to development in CRM, which looks at advanced customization and more developed features such as plug-ins, JavaScript, and custom work flow activities.

We also have some great à la carte technical courses: a three-day USD, Unified Service Desk, for developers and configurators, and also new offerings around the Dynamics 365 Workloads: field service, project service, and ADX portals. Round that out with our two-day advanced developer course, and you have a complete, end-for-end customization administrative and development platform training.

Finally, any of the great courses that Jhelsi and I talked about today, we can bring the trainer to you. Pick and choose out of our catalog what best fits your needs.