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You might assume that rapid growth is a good problem to have, right? Growth means you must be doing something right! Organizations that experience rapid growth often have hit their stride with their business strategy and are poised for successful future endeavors, however, rapid growth comes with some serious growing pains.

If your company is growing at a fast pace, using CRM to weather the changes your business is going through is a smart choice. CRM’s functionality when dealing with client data and automating daily activities means that CRM is always working for your organization’s bottom line. CRM gives you a competitive advantage without having to scramble for resources to support your initiatives.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Jim. I work at Power Objects. Welcome back to our second video in a series here about our Why CRM? website. One of the great problems that we uncovered that people implement CRM systems for is rapid growth. Rapid growth is a wonderful problem to have, but you need a CRM system in place to really manage that growth.

Five tips that we can give you on why people use CRM to manage that rapid growth are 1: Tame the chaos. All sorts of chaos happens when you’re in a rapid growth phase, everyone’s running around, but here you have a system of record that puts your arms around all that data and brings it all into one place. Next, you need a system to look at processes because you need to retire the archaic processes, or re-work those processes to manage a rapidly growing company. With CRM it’s all there. Three: We want to be able to capitalize on trends. There’s nothing better than getting all this data and visually putting it into graphs. You can almost identify trends before they happen if you have it all in one place and can report on it. The fourth point in rapid growth is data analysis drives predictability for future growth. If you’re not putting this all in one system reporting on it, looking at what’s happening there’s no way you’re going to be able to predict where you’re going in the future. The last thing that rapid growth in a CRM system can do for your business is help you uncover new opportunities. You need to be able to cross sell, up sell existing customers and without a system like this in place there’s no way that you’re going to have the data to be able do that.

Check out the Why CRM? site. There’s more interactive videos. We’ve got an e-book there that dives far deeper into this all around rapid growth. We’ve got customer success stories. Come back next week where we talk about losing customers.