The CRM Minute: Marketing 101 with Dynamics CRM [VIDEO]
March 9, 2016

Marketing is more than just generating leads. Marketing involves engaging with all your customers, but in order to do that successfully, you have to be using the right tactical tools

11 Feelings Anyone Who Uses PowerMailChimp Will Understand
March 8, 2016

If you have experienced our PowerPack add-on, PowerMailChimp, then you’ll know that it is a MailChimp CRM integration tool that connects the powerful, robust, affordable, third-party bulk email platform, MailChimp, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Make a Love Connection: Finding the Right Marketing Automation Tools in CRM for Your Business
February 15, 2016

Marketing automation is a lot like online dating isn’t’ it? You put yourself out there and hope that you get the results or love matches that you were hoping for.

Three Approaches to Migrating Communication Preferences for Subscribers/opt-outs in CRM
June 5, 2015

Are you planning to migrate from an old-fashioned marketing platform to CRM? Are you facing the difficulty of updating communication preferences for existing contacts in CRM? Do you need to

How PowerEmail Tracks Opens and Clicks, Including Forwarded Emails
June 2, 2015

Have you ever sent an email from CRM and wondered whether the recipient ever opened the email, and whether or not they clicked on links within that email? With our

The Art of Campaign Design: Marketing Automation in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing
January 9, 2015

With the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing campaign design, you will become a marketing campaign Van Gogh. Campaign building couldn’t be easier using the visual designer, and just like the old masters, you’ll soon

What’s New for Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Fall 2014 – Part 1
October 28, 2014

What’s the greatest part of being a marketer these days, besides being more data-driven, demonstrating more impact and getting more budget? It’s getting fresh infusions of technology that help you

Win the Real-time Marketing Game with CRM
July 17, 2014

Good ideas don’t always come with a ton of lead time. For marketers, that can mean changing tactics and shifting gears quickly. Here’s a quick example of how that can

Infographic: Marketing Automation with Dynamics CRM and PowerPack Add-ons
April 28, 2014

If you’re interested in harnessing the power of Dynamics CRM for marketing automation, you definitely want to read our recent blog Behind the Curtain at Convergence 2014. It goes over

Creating Plain Text Emails with PowerMailChimp
April 7, 2014

PowerMailChimp is a powerful tool for sending out rich HTML emails right from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. But did you know that you can also use this bulk email add-on

Create a Marketing List to Follow Up on Your CRM Bulk Email Campaign
April 4, 2014

PowerMailChimp is one of many PowerPack add-ons that provides specific functionality to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. This add-on gives CRM users the power to perform their bulk emailing out

Behind the Curtain at Convergence 2014
March 18, 2014

How PowerObjects Used Marketing Automation in Dynamics CRM Whether you attended or not, you may still be feeling the buzz coming out of Microsoft Convergence 2014 in Atlanta. The team