Maximizing Data Integration and Migration Performance in Dynamics 365
August 14, 2018

Data integration and migration is a challenging tasks in any Dynamics 365 implementation – in this blog we share some ways to tackle performance issues.

How to Migrate Attachments to Dynamics 365
August 29, 2017

In order to migrate attachments from Salesforce to Dynamics CRM, we could use Kingswaysoft without writing any code through the Developer version.

Using SSIS/KingswaySoft Adapter to Obtain Audit Information
October 11, 2016

A common request we see is the ability to extract and report on audit data gathered by CRM. If you have done any work or research around this topic, you

Populating Parent Customer ID with KingswaySoft
February 19, 2015

When using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you will come across cases where you might need to populate the Parent Customer ID field using KingswaySoft. A common mistake that occurs is when