Global Options Sets in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Global options sets are used to set fields when there are numerous fields that use the same set of options. Here’s a guide to creating them in Dynamics 365.

Beginner’s Guide: How to Perform Simple Data Validations on Records

In this blog, we’ll walk users who are relatively new to Microsoft Dynamics 365 through some relatively simple data validations.

How to Export a Theme from One Dynamics 365 Org to Another

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As this year comes to a close, we’ve compiled a list of PowerObjects’ top 10 most popular Dynamics 365 blogs posts for 2017!

Real Customers. Real Feedback. Citizen Developer Training.

PowerObjects is once again preparing to host a Citizen Developer training! In this blog, see what real customers had to say about their training experience.

Cloud, Edge, or Local? Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Deployment Options

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How to Send an Automatic Email Response on a Case Creation

When working with case management, wouldn’t it be nice if you could notify customers that an email was received and a Case created? Learn how in this blog!

PowerPacks: Santa’s Secret for Surviving the Holidays

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D365 In Focus: Field Service for Dynamics 365 from D365 University [VIDEO]

In this episode of Dynamics 365 In Focus, D365 University Trainer, Tad, will take you through the top reasons why your organization would benefit by taking our Dynamics 365 for Field Service training.

Portals: Changing the Date from the Default Format

In Dynamics 365, the date for Portals is in a USA format by default. We’ll show you a simple way to change the date to a UK format without using JavaScript.

Dynamics 365 for Retail: Inventory and Replenishment

Dynamics 365 for Retail can meet the demands to automate the process to get goods from source to shelf – learn how in this blog!

List of Values: OptionSet vs. Lookup in Enterprise Solutions

When deciding on how to implement Lists of Values (LOVs) for an Enterprise solution, there are a couple of options to choose from: OptionSets and Lookup tables. So, how do you choose?