Have you recently created or added a Microsoft Dynamics 365 App or Hub that won’t display in a user’s D365 Mobile App? Frustrated? Well, today’s blog post is just for you!

The issue may very well have to do with the security role tied to the published App. The steps below describe how to check and change those security roles.

1. Check the security roles tied to a specific app by clicking Settings > My Apps.

mobile app

Note that if My Apps is not appearing under Settings, you may be able to access the App Management area directly by adding the following to your D365 website URL: /Webresources/msdyn_appmanagementcontrol

2. From here, click the ellipses () to view more options on any individual App:

mobile app

3. In the popup box, select MANAGE ROLES.

mobile app

4. Here you can select the specific security roles that will have access to the app. The System Administrator and System Customizer have access to all Apps by default. Add any security roles you need to so that your users can access the mobile App. Hit <Save>.

mobile app

And that’s it… problem solved! Be sure to subscribe to our blog for more tips.

Until next time, happy Mobile D365’ing!

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