When organizations invest in Microsoft Dynamics 365, they are also investing in the behavioral changes that employees must make in order for the system to yield a return. PowerObjects combines our Dynamics 365 and certified change management expertise to help organizations navigate this transition.

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Since a big part of transformational change management is educating users, PowerObjects applies a structured approach to guide end-users through an implementation as it impacts their role, focusing on the people component of the change effort. With faster and enhanced user adoption, organizations can navigate the transition with less impact to the bottom line.

In this blog, we share a few videos highlighting the importance of change management and the planning process to achieve Dynamics 365 success. You’ll also hear from a customer who partnered with PowerObjects to train 600 employees on CRM in a 4-week time frame.

Four Misconceptions About Change Management

In this video, we discuss the four common misconceptions we hear from our prospects, when we talk about Change Management on a Dynamics 365 implementation.

The 3 Tools to Assess Change Readiness

One our certified Change Practitioners, Emily, tells us about three tools PowerObjects uses to assess the readiness of an organization to take on a Dynamics 365 implementation.

Maximize Your Dynamics 365 Investment with a User Readiness Strategy

Change Management & Education Capability Director, Deb, explains how it’s critical to have a user readiness strategy in order to fully maximize your Dynamics 365 investment.

CRM Training in Action: UL’s CRM Customer Success Story

UL worked with PowerObjects to create a CRM training program to launch globally to their 600 sales representatives on a 4 week timeline.

Read the UL case study to learn more about this initiative!

Change Management is just one aspect of Dynamics 365 education that PowerObjects provides. We have created many resources to help users get the most out of CRM, including trainings, how-to videos, webinars, and workshops. We want to ensure that your organization achieves a successful implementation from end to end. Learn more about our education services here.

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