PowerObjects is hiring to expand our team as we grow our Microsoft Dynamics AX / ERP practice.  If you want love coming to work alongside a team who supports your personal and professional growth, PowerObjects is the perfect place to pursue your career in AX / ERP.  Before you chat with us about what it’s like to join the best team ever, check out what our ERP Practice Director, Carri Lesatz, believes are the top 10 things to know when applying for an AX / ERP job.

AX / ERP Job

1. Know your strengths.

If you’ve touched ERP, you have a general idea of what it does, but what is your specialty?  What areas do you know best?

2. Full lifecycle implementation experience is important.

We perform end to end system roll outs and upgrades, and understanding the lifecycle of a project is important.  If you haven’t had a chance to experience this yet, don’t fret.  Just be prepared to talk about what you have been part of.

3. Lots of people “know ERP” – don’t be surprised if you’re asked to demonstrate your knowledge.  And don’t be shy about flaunting your skills!

We like experts, we love nerds, and we’re excited about new talent!

4. Agility is the name of the game.

Try as we may to create a plan, life often gets in the way.  Microsoft has scheduled releases, and sometimes, the product you’re working on literally changes overnight.  Are you flexible enough to handle the hurdles?  We’ll be looking for examples.

5. Not all Partners are created equal.

At PowerObjects, we hire based upon our 5 core values:

  • Always add value.
  • Think team.
  • Love what you do.
  • Live the technology.
  • Do the right thing.

If those sound like you, let’s have a conversation!

6. Share details.  Tell stories.

Speaking in generalities is great if someone doesn’t understand ERP, but we like details and stories.  It helps us understand what you know.  We know the ins and outs of ERP, and we love to hear stories about your ERP project experiences.

7. Showcase your best self – not just your ERP skills.  We want well-rounded team members.

You’re not just changing a client’s software – you’re changing their business with ERP.  Technical skills are important, but we need to know you have what it takes to recommend changes to clients regarding business processes, the ERP itself, and even the Implementation Methodology.

8. Approach your interview like you would approach a client.

A good consultant is a good communicator.  Your interview is the time to show this.  If you speak too much, can you stay on topic and manage a project agenda with clients?  If you speak too little, can you properly represent PowerObjects as an innovator in the ERP space?  The key is to relax and be yourself.  That’s who our clients will see, so that’s who we want to interview!

9. What does your LinkedIn profile look like?

Consultants are client facing – if a client reaches out to you on this professional platform, do you represent yourself well?  Do you represent who you are as a professional?

10. Experience isn’t a must, but be honest!

The demand for ERP solutions is quickly growing, and we need new talent to keep up.  If you have the skills and not the experiences, just be honest.  We build our project teams to support the growth of our employees, while also providing the best client solutions.  We even have a full department dedicated to the growth of our employees!  Everyone needs to start somewhere; why not start with the best? Apply today!


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