Well, folks—we have some big news! Really big news. PowerObjects is excited to announce that we are adding an ERP practice to our traditional CRM offerings in order to provide end-to-end services across the Dynamics 365 product.

AX/ERP practice to our Dynamics 365 service offerings

This means we are actively growing our team of superheroes to not only include experts in the CRM-related workloads of sales, marketing, and customer service, but also the operations functionality included in the product formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics AX!

With all these exciting changes, we’re encountering some common questions. We brought in our fearless new ERP leader, Carri Lesatz, to give us the answers.

AX/ERP practice to our Dynamics 365 service offerings

Can you tell us a bit about your new role at PowerObjects?

I am super excited to help build the PowerObjects ERP practice in the US into a flourishing Microsoft Dynamics 365 practice, while leveraging the HCL Technologies resources in India and the UK. The relationships I have built in this industry will help us acquire the talent and experience that we need to do so. We have a pipeline that I’m excited to open the flood gates on. I will ensure that we quickly build a reputation in delivering successful Dynamics 365 implementations and ensure that PowerObjects grows from being the leader in the CRM space to the leader in the Dynamics 365 space.

Describe your experience in the AX/ERP channel.

My experience with Dynamics AX started 10 years ago when the company I worked for at the time implemented Dynamics AX 4.0. In the following years, I cultivated a passion to help others implement and leverage the AX technology, so I moved into leading AX practices and working on solution delivery, working with a couple of Microsoft partners. This helped me gain broad experience in successful Dynamics AX implementations across different AX versions, verticals, and ISVs, throughout the United States and worldwide.

Why did PowerObjects decide to make this move of adding an entire practice, after being “100% focused on Dynamics CRM” all these years?

As a leading Microsoft Partner, when Microsoft changes their vision, we must move lockstep with them. When they announced combining Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX, our Senior Vice President, Jim Sheehan knew that we had an opportunity to grow and be experts across the entire product. He knew this was a way to ensure that we were the number one partner worldwide for Dynamics 365 for the CRM and ERP workloads.

What makes PowerObjects qualified to begin offering AX/ERP services?

First is our cloud experience. Dynamics CRM has been a cloud application for many years, so we have a team of 350 employees who understand the ins and outs of deploying Dynamics 365 solutions from the cloud. Combine that with the experience we are currently hiring for in the ERP space, the in-house ERP knowledge of the PowerObjects team in the UK, the AX/ERP team we are bringing into the PowerObjects umbrella from the HCL Technologies team in India, and we will have vast experience to leverage for our clients.

How is PowerObjects’ going to change and/or grow to accommodate this new practice?

We are hiring in the United States, UK and India. We will be making updates to our proven process to accommodate the changes from CRM to the Dynamics 365 solution as a whole so that we have teams with the combined experience required on these implementations. We are building out resources such as blogs and webinars to help current clients be exposed to and understand the expansion and their options, outside of CRM.

What do you see as the biggest benefits to customers with this initiative?

We can be the one-stop shop for all things Dynamics 365.

What are you most excited about moving forward with PowerObjects’ new ERP practice?

To build the team and create Raving Fans in the team and of our clients. I love nothing more than seeing happy employees and happy customers!

Anything else you’d like to tell the world?

Give me a call! Whether you are looking to make a move in your career, are looking to implement Dynamics 365 in your organization, or just have questions about the product, I’d love to connect and see how PowerObjects can help you!

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