So you’ve deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Hooray! Feeling great about your CRM decision, you navigate to the Reports section and see several Reports that you most definitely did not build. What’s that all about?

Unwanted Out-of-the-Box Reports

Dynamics CRM out-of-the-box comes with certain Reports pre-built that can be utilized by any organization, but for other organizations, these reports don’t fit their business needs. So what’s a user to do? Just delete them, right?

Unfortunately, due to the Managed Properties of those out-of-the-box Reports, this cannot be done, and if you try, you’ll get the error message below. However, there is a simple solution that lets you “hide” instead, and in today’s blog, we will show you how!

Unwanted Out-of-the-Box Reports

By default, and by good design, as users open the Reports area within CRM the view “Available Reports” is displayed. Views in CRM can have filtering criteria behind it, and this particular view directs users to all Reports that show Display In equals Reports area. Display In is an editable property of Reports. So, provided you have the proper permissions, let’s edit it!

1. Simply select a Report you would like to hide and click the Edit option on your top navigation bar.

2. On the Report properties, you’ll see Display In at the bottom. Click on the button for the options within Display In.

3. Remove all options from the Selected Values section. (While the Reports area is our focus here, note that removing Forms for related record types and Lists for related record types will ensure that the Report is not accessed throughout CRM.)

Unwanted Out-of-the-Box Reports

4. Hit OK and Save & Close.

That’s it! You can complete this process for any Report you would like to hide. Note that these hidden Reports will still be accessible, but will display under the view “All Reports, Including Sub-Reports.”

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Happy CRM’ing!

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