Here at PowerObjects, we are always looking for ways to make CRM easier to use, and in today’s blog, we’ll be showing you how to change the “Named Based On” in Fiscal Year settings so that you can get the results you are actually looking for when using Advanced Find. Let’s get started!


The field labels in Fiscal Year Settings do not clearly indicate how to set up a Fiscal Year that doesn’t coincide with the calendar year so that when you search by THIS Fiscal Year via an Advanced Find, you see records in the correct year. For example, say your FY2016 is 11/1/2015 – 10/31/2016. If you make no other change besides entering the Start Date, you will find that your date range is off by one year. Looking at this in an Advanced Find, we see that This Fiscal Year (FY2016) looks like it starts on 11/1/2016 instead of 11/1/2015.

Changing “Named Based On” in Fiscal Year Settings

Changing “Named Based On” in Fiscal Year Settings

This is such a common requirement though, so there has to be a way! And there is. For the following steps, we are assuming you have a security role with a level of permissions that lets you edit Fiscal Year Settings.

1. Navigate to the Business Management section via the Settings menu.

Changing “Named Based On” in Fiscal Year Settings

2. Click Fiscal Year Settings, and look at the Named Based On field. Change this from Start Date to End Date.

Changing “Named Based On” in Fiscal Year Settings

Now, when we search for dates within This Fiscal Year, we get results that start on 11/1/2015 instead of 11/1/2016. Mic drop . . .

Changing “Named Based On” in Fiscal Year Settings

Pretty nifty! That’s all for the blog today. Make sure you check out PO TV, a brand new destination for video content from PowerObjects. Featuring video blogs, Customer Success Stories, CRM educational content, and much more, PO TV is your go-to destination for CRM video content.

Happy CRM’ing!

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