Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is finally here! Featuring productivity tools; predictive analytics with machine learning intelligence; offline capability and simplified data collection with field control types for mobile users; and enhancements to the Service user experience, CRM 2016 is the best version of Dynamics CRM to date. With so many awesome and amazing features in CRM 2016 we could talk about it for days, and for Tad Thompson, one of our amazing Education team members, there is a lot to be excited about!


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Hi, I’m Tad. I’m here to talk about some of the new features in CRM 2016. I get so excited about new features in CRM because each time they’re new things that we can do directly in the UI rather than having to do them through some sort of customization. There’s a lot of great new features in CRM 2016. I’m going to talk about five of them. Read More

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