One exciting new feature that was included in the Spring Update of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 is that stage gating in the business process flow is now honored by the “Qualify” button in the command bar. In previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, if a required field was in the business process flow, a user could move through the stages without first completing required fields. Clearly this defeats the purpose of having required fields in the first place! In the blog today, we will show you how stage gating honoring works in Dynamics CRM 2015. Let’s get started!


The example below is in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 on-premises.

Stage = Qualify, MSDCRM 2015 On-premises version

Stage = Develop

You will notice that the Purchase Process field was never completed, yet the stage is now in Develop. This lead was qualified without the required field being completed.

Per the 2015 Spring Update, users can no longer move through the stages of a business process flow without first completing the required fields in the current stage. The example below is in a Microsoft Dynamics 2015 online version of CRM.

Stage = Qualify, MSDCRM 2015 Online version

Now, users will receive an error message if they try to move to the Develop stage without first completing the required fields in the Qualify stage. Once the required data is entered, users will then be able to move through the business process flow stages.

This new feature allows for more control over movement through business process flow stages by requiring all required fields to be completed before moving to the next stage. This new feature will help enhance reporting accuracy as well as ensure required business processes are followed.

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