Sometimes when you are working in Dynamics CRM, you come across instances where you need to run bulk deletions. Bulk deletion jobs can take several hours so they are handled asynchronously by a CRM Async service in order to ensure that the overall performance of CRM is not affected while the bulk deletion is in progress. Executing a bulk deletion is an easy process, but sometimes the user needs to stop a deletion job that already started. What do you do then? The good news is that you can absolutely cancel a bulk deletion even after it has started, and today we are going to show you exactly how!


Say you kick off a bulk deletion job and then realize that, oops, you did something wrong and you need to stop or cancel it immediately. Once the job has an In Progress status, it cannot be cancelled. CRM will display the error message shown below if the user tries to cancel the bulk deletion job while it’s in the In Progress status.

Bulk Deletion

Bulk Deletion

To stop or cancel a job in progress, follow these simple steps:

1. Stop the Async service. To do this, you will need to have access to the CRM Asynchronous Service Box and should be an administrator to stop, start or restart the asynchronous processing service.

  • Open Services from Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services.
  • Find Microsoft Dynamics CRM Asynchronous Processing Service, select it, and then click Stop on the ribbon.

Bulk Deletion

*This works for on-premises and partner hosted deployments only and not for CRM online.

2. The job status will then change to Waiting for Resources.

3. While the job is in the Waiting for Resources status, select the job you wish to stop and Cancel it via the More Actions dropdown menu as shown below.

Bulk Deletion

4. To finish, start the Async service up again.

And that’s all it takes! Please note that these steps only work for on-premise and partner-hosted deployments and are not applicable for CRM Online.

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