Are you in the market for a scanner that easily integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Well you are in luck! We have identified one that is both effective and user friendly. The IRISCard 5 Scanner features an option to directly load your scanned contacts into CRM or Outlook. Here’s how to get things set up:

  1. After walking through the software installation process, a screen like this should appear:

Set Up a Card Scanner in Dynamics CRM


2.  You are now able to scan cards on the scanner and upload them into the software program. After scanning a few cards, you can import them onto the screen.

3. Now that you have some scanned cards on hand, you can now choose to Recognize them. This step is where the software identifies different contact information from the card.

4. Simply select a card and click Recognize and the program will identify the contact fields and fill in the information.

5.  Next, select Export. When a screen pops up asking for Business Card Formats, select Microsoft Dynamics CRM and click Export.

6.  Simply enter your domain CRM username and password and select OK.

7.  Next, the program will prompt you to find duplicates. You can search by company, first name, last name and email.

8.  If no duplicates are found, you may select OK, and your new contact will be exported into your CRM page under Active Contacts.

Here we see the final product: the scanned information sitting nicely in active contacts.


Setting up a Card Scanner in Outlook

Now let’s work on how to set up the card scanner in Outlook.

  1. This time, when you select Export, click Microsoft Outlook rather than Dynamics CRM.

2.  Click Export, and the contact will be directly loaded into your Outlook contacts.

3. You can view your new contact in your Address Book under Contacts.



Setting up a card scanner for both Microsoft Dynamic CRM and Outlook has never been easier. The intuitive software makes for a quick install and you are on your way!

Happy CRM’ing!

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