There is a cool new feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013! The field description now shows up as a tool tip for the end user. This means a number of things:

  • You can describe the function of a field in detail and use the description field to help the end user understand its purpose.
  • You have to enter something relevant in this field.

Let’s take a closer look and update an existing field in the opportunity entity in CRM 2013. The Current Situation field in the opportunity entity has the following out of the box description that says “Type notes about the company or organization associated with the opportunity.”

Let’s say you want to make sure the sales person entering this data puts in the appropriate information. To do this, you can change the Current Situation description to reflect what your company requires. Here’s how:

  1. Open an opportunity record.
  2. Click on the button in the command bar.
  3. Choose Form from the menu. This will open the customize form screen. Note that you must have system customizer rights to do this.

  4. Double click on the Current Situation field.

  5. In the Field Properties dialog, click on the Details tab.
  6. Click on the Edit button. This opens the field definition dialog, allowing you to change the field information.

    Tool Tips in CRM 2013

  7. Change the text in the Description area to reflect the needs of your organization.

    Tool Tips in CRM 2013

  8. Click Save and Close.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Click Save in the form customization screen.
  11. Click Publish.
  12. Your users will now see a more relevant tool tip when they float the cursor over the Current Situation field of the opportunity form.
  13. Repeat as necessary!

This is just one way to increase the efficiency of your Dynamics CRM 2013 users. Check out our blog on Quick Create forms to explore another terrific feature that will increase your users’ efficiency.

Happy CRM’ing!

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