The latest release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 introduces a number of enhancements with a completely new user interface. One of the most exciting enhancements is the addition of the quick create forms which help to reduce the time necessary to create records. Here is a guide for using quick create forms in Dynamics CRM 2013.


To create a new record using the quick create forms, simply click on the new Create button located at the top of most any page in CRM 2013.

Quick Create Forms in Dynamics CRM 2013

The Out-Of-Box Quick Create Form is shown here:

At times we may find it necessary to modify this form to either remove unwanted fields or add additional fields. These forms can be customized in the same way the standard forms are customized.

To customize a form, we’ll need to go to Settings, then Customize the System. In this example, we’ll modify the contact quick form.

First, click the Contact entity and select Forms. Then we’ll select the Contact Quick Create form to open the form editor.

Quick Create Forms in Dynamics CRM 2013

We can now modify this form just as we would for the main form. Note that sub grids, iframes and some other options are not available on the quick create forms.

Quick Create Forms in Dynamics CRM 2013

We must be sure to Save and Publish the contact entity in order to make the modified form available to CRM users.

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