Among other features, UR 12 forms for Dynamics CRM are process-based. If you are on Dynamics CRM Online or have applied UR 12 to your CRM on-premise instance, you will notice that these process forms are set as the default form.


If you’ve added a lot of custom fields in your forms—especially on the on-premise version—and then moved on to UR12, these fields will not be visible on the process based forms as they are on the transitional “Information” forms. Since the process-based forms are the ones displayed by default, the logged-in user will need to perform additional steps to display the information form. In this post we will look at displaying the informational form as default.

UR 12 forms | Dynamics CRM

In the forms for the Account entity, notice that the Main Account form is the process-based form and is it set as the default form. There is no option of setting the default form to the Main Information form.

For setting the Main Information as the default, we need to make the Main Account form invisible for all users. The way to do this is by using Form Based Security. Here’s how:

  1. Select the Main Account Form.

  2. Click on the Assign Security Roles button in the list view toolbar.

  3. This will open the Assign Security Roles window.
    1. Select “Display only to these selected security roles.”
    2. Make sure all security roles are unchecked.
    3. Ensure “Enabled for fallback” is unchecked.
    4. Click OK.

    security roles for UR 12 forms

This should make this form invisible for all users in the system, and make the Main Information form the default form.

Remember to add back the security role or role(s) to the process-based forms once you have added all the custom fields to the new form.

Happy CRM’ing!

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