Have you ever had an appointment or a phone call with a client and needed to schedule a follow up activity? With some very simple customizations and a workflow you can help eliminate the additional clicks needed to create another activity. Check this blog on how to use similar functionality to create a spouse contact record.


In this example, we are going to focus on the phone call entity. These steps/customizations can be applied to all activities in MSCRM 2011.

First we are going to customize the phone call entity and add some custom fields.

  1. Create the following fields:
  • Follow Up Activity
    • Create an option set to allow the user to define what activity type they would like to create. The options that are available Appointment, Phone Call and Task.
    • You don’t necessarily have to create this field but this offers the user the flexibility to create whatever activity type they would like.
  • Follow Up Due Date
    • This allow user to specify the exact date and time they want to have the activity created.
  • Follow Up Notes
    • Allows the user to enter any notes that they would like copied to the new activity.
    • Another option is use the OOB description field. This would allow the user to keep a running track of notes associated with the activity.

Creating phone call follow-up activities in CRM 2011

  1. The next step would to build a workflow to create a new activity. To access the workflows, Go to Settings, Processes and click new.

    Now there are different ways you can trigger this workflow. You can have it trigger once the activity is completed, once the follow up due date is entered or you could add a checkbox field to create the follow up activity as well. In this example, we are going to trigger the workflow to start when the activity is completed. For this we are going to change the start on when the “record status changes”.

Options for automatic processes in CRM 2011

  1. Since we want the workflow to start when the activity is completed, the first step of the workflow would be to add a check condition to make sure the activity is completed.

add a check condition

  1. Next we are going to add another check condition to check what type of “Follow Up Activity” type the user selected.

add another check condition for a follow-up activity in CRM 2011

  1. Depending on what type of activity is selected will create the appropriate activity type. In the example above we would choose create record and then select appointment.

activities in crm 2011

  1. Now we can define what fields we want to copy from the Phone Call Record to the Appointment. In the screenshot below we are pulling some of the Out of the Box Fields as well as the custom ones we created in the steps above.

set up the follow-up activity for dynamics CRM

  1. The next step is to create a conditional branch for the next activity type. To create the conditional branch, click next to the word “then” and click add step. From the drop down select Conditional Branch.

activities in crm 2011

  1. You can now specify you conditional branch. In this example will select the next option available which is phone call.

activities in crm 2011

  1. Once again will use the create option and this time we will select phone call.

activities in crm 2011

  1. Now we can set the details of the phone call. Using some of the out of the box fields as well as the custom ones.

activities in crm 2011

  1. We would repeat the same steps for the creation of the task. Create a conditional branch and then create a record with a type of task.

Now to see this in action……

I have my phone call record open and I have added my follow up information. I am now going to mark my phone call complete.

activities in crm 2011

This will now trigger the workflow and create the new phone call.

activities in crm 2011

Now you can you let your sales people sell and not worry about creating future activities! For further reading, check out our other blogs that may help you automate your business process with our post on workflows and dialogs in CRM 2011.

Happy CRM’ing!

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