Ready to experience your surveys in a whole new way? PowerSurvey lets you send CRM 2011 surveys and automatically collects the survey data into CRM after someone fills out the survey – no more importing and exporting information! Now all survey data is collected within your CRM and related to CRM contacts, accounts, leads, cases, ect. With PowerSurvey, you can instantly know how people are responding and act on that critical information right away.


The new release of PowerSurvey v2 comes with many enhancements. You now have five different email templates to choose from, which make your survey look beautiful and professional. Besides the usual types of survey questions such as radio buttons, drop downs, and ratings, you now also have the ability to choose time, date and dollar as a question type. The greeting at the top of the survey is also customizable, so you can say Hi, Hello, Howdy, What’s Up, Buenos Dias, or anything else you’d like.

Example of CRM 2011 surveys

If you’d like to give this new version of PowerSurvey a try, visit the PowerSurvey website and download your free 30 day trial today! If you like it, subscribe for just $2/CRM user/month. If you have any questions, please contact the PowerPack Pro.

Happy CRM’ing!

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