Want an easy way to capture data on your website and move it straight into CRM? With PowerWebForm from PowerObjects, you can! Whether you have a ‘Contact Us’ form or a ‘Lead Gen’ form, PowerWebForm finally gives you a way to affordably bridge the gap from your website to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


1. Create web forms in CRM

  • Decide what happens with the information once it comes in – create a lead, contact, case, or any custom entity – you choose!
  • Decide whether or not you want captcha on your form to prevent spam

CRM Online Web Form

2. Add fields

  • Set duplicate detection
  • Choose whether or not the field is required
  • Choose from multiple different field types

CRM web form

3. Change the look and feel

  • With a css, you can change the color of the Submit button, the color of the form fields and more!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Lead to Web

4. Preview and Deploy

5. Post the form to your website

  • Make your own page, and insert the PowerWebForm iframe

6. View the data in CRM

This tool is great for web site contact us forms, website landing pages and campaign response initiated activities. Now that this information is in your CRM you can act on it!

See the magic for yourself – try PowerWebForm FREE for 30 days. Happy CRM’ing!

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