By definition, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Activity Feed Rules specify when posts will be automatically created for the records you choose to follow. (Make sure to read the first two installments in this series: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Activity Feed, Part 1 – Getting Started and Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2011 Activity Feed Part 2 – Working with Activity Feeds)


For those you have already installed Activity Feed, you know that you cannot create Rules using the Activity Feed Rules entity, and that CRM only creates the rules for Leads, Opportunities, Cases, and Activities.

As a System Admin you can activate, deactivate and delete systems rules. But even the System Admin cannot create rules using the Activity Feed Rules entity.

So what are you supposed to do for other entities?

1. As you add entities like Leads, Cases, Opportunities, Activities and Contacts, to the Activity Feed Configuration entity, rules will automatically be created , note the rules only apply to the 4 entities mentioned above.

Dynamics CRM activity feed rules

2. Use Workflow to create a rule.

For example you want to create a rule such that you want to create a post every time Parent Customer changes on a contact record. Use Workflow!

Here’s how to create the workflow.

a. Ensure you have the privileges to create workflows

b. Go to Settings

c. Click on Processes

d. Click on New Process

– Enter Name

– Entity: Contact

– Process : Workflow

e. Change Scope to Organization

f. Starts when: Record Field Change, check off Parent Customer

g. Add Step: Create New Record

h. Select Create : Post

i. Set Properties

j. Enter your message in the Text Area

k. Click Save and Close

l. Your workflow should look like this

m. Save and Activate Workflow

Here’s how the post looks on my “What’s New” wall.

Are you using Activity Feeds in your organizations CRM? If so, please share your experience by commenting on this post and pass along any tips & tricks you may have found useful.

Happy CRM’ing!

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