When you create a new Dynamics CRM entity, you have the option to select Notes and Activities to add to each record.


add a new dynamics CRM entity

If you aren’t sure if you want to display Notes and Activities on the entity, leave them unchecked. You can always circle back and add Notes and Activities to your entity

If you choose to check off the Notes and Activities Boxes and click Save the Notes and Activities boxes will become greyed out.

Dynamics CRM

Let’s say for example you choose to add Notes and Activities, but later on….. you decide to remove Notes from your entity.

Easy enough:

Go to Settings > Customization > Customize the Solution > Select your entity in the Entity section > Click Forms and edit the Main Form.

To Remove the Notes from your Form

  1. Select the Notes Section on the form
  2. Select the Remove button from the Action Ribbon
  3. Click Ok

Notes have been removed.

Later, time has passed and your requirements have once again changed. You need to add Notes back to your entity.

You go to Customization> Customize the Solution > Select your entity but notice the Notes checkbox is still greyed out.

You open the Main Form; you see that there is no Notes field or Notes section. You start to question “is it possible to add Notes back to your entity?”

Yes it is.

Open up the Main Form in the left hand navigation

  1. Select the Insert Tab across the top
  2. Click on the Notes button

By clicking on the Notes Icon it will re-add the Notes section to the entity.

Inset a Tab if you choose to add the Notes section to a different Tab, or add Notes to an existing section already on the form.

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