A cool capability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM reporting is to add an action to open a CRM record from a report. Not only is this cool from a CRM Superhero perspective but can save you time and mouse clicks. In this example report is a list report for a custom entity. I have a custom relationship to Accounts from the custom entity and I would like to allow the user to click on the Account name and launch the CRM Account record. This will work for both CRM 2011 and CRM 4.0


In your report development environment add a parameter for the CRM_URL. This is a unique CRM parameter that will discover the organization url and pass in the string we dictate later.

CRM Expert

Next, determine which entity you will be launching. You can find it the sdk, the medadata browser or simply opening a record and hitting Ctl+N – this will reopen that CRM record in a new window with the Internet Explorer tool bar and you should find the Object Type Code or Entity Type Code. This number immediately follows the ‘etc=’

System entities will start at 1 (Accounts) and go up to 4 digits.

Custom entities will start at ‘10000’ – such as the example below:

Back in the report development, locate the cell that contains the field that represents your selected entity. Right-click and select ‘Text Box Options’:

CRM Report

– Select ‘Action’, click the ‘Go to URL’ radio button and click the formula/expression button

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Report

– Paste in the following text:

=IIF(IsNothing(Parameters!CRM_URL.Value),system.dbnull.value,Parameters!CRM_URL.Value & "?ID={" & Fields!new_account.Value.ToString()& "}&OTC=1")

– Two elements need to be set for the link: The field and the OTC (same number as the ETC in the URL)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Report Drill-thru

– Click ‘OK’

– Save and publish the report.

– Run the report to test (previewing in your report development environment will not launch the window)

– Click the Account name in the report:

– Voile, the Account record will open!

CRM Reporting How To

CRM Reports can range from simple to complex so please reach out to our CRM Experts if your organization needs some help.

Happy CRM’ing!

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