So from time to time we run into little issues I know others will encounter – hope this helps someone else out there!!


We recently ran into an error on organizations where multiple forms had been configured for entities in Internet Explorer and the other forms would not load/switch.

The script error in Internet Explorer stating “”The value of the property ‘openUrlByCrmUrl’ is null or undefined, not a Function object” when trying to switch between forms on the “Opportunities” and “Account” entities on multiple organizations within our CRM 2011 deployment.

CRM 2011 Unable to Switch Forms with Script Error - The value of the property 'openUrlByCrmUrl' is null or undefined

We could see that the values were properly being passed to the form.js file, however we determined that the problem turned out to be that OpenUrlByCrmUrl was undefined.  Further debugging indicated that we were failing at the global.js file.

After Microsoft reviewed the global.js file, it was discovered that it indeed did not have the expected OpenUrlByCrmUrl code in place.

The OpenUrlByCRMUrl was added in UR1, however it was not added to the file in our deployment because the global.js file was modified.  As it was modified, CRM’s update rollups are unable to update it to include the necessary code, even though our CRM 2011 server had UR2 in place.

To resolve the issue, we were able to replace the global.js file at C:Program FilesMicrosoft Dynamics CRMCRMWeb_static_commonscripts with a clean one from a UR2 deployment.  After this, I ran an IISRESET and cleared IE cache, and the issue was resolved.

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