Hello World! <jk> but I thought it was a funny start to this particular blog. From time to time Microsoft releases some great white papers, and one such paper came out last week: Comparing xRM and Force.com.


You can all imagine which way PowerObjects leans J – But this is a nice high level overview for the technical decision maker. We have built our business on extending CRM is ways that only our customers can come up with, and the xRM application framework has given us the best tool to do this in a rapid application environment ever! We’ve been developing software for almost 2 decades and this is hands down the fastest (less expensive) way to do it. Now add in the power of SilverLight and the options are infinite!

So at a high level the paper hits on:

  • Why the xRM framework is a better choice
  • Components of a framework
  • Deployment options
  • The investment in xRM and the platform

I was recently in a sales call where the real reason of this was driven home – they were looking for a CRM system they could extend beyond sales. The deal had come down to MS CRM and SFDC….there was a person in the room that made the statement “we have an instance of SFDC already running – why should we bother to switch to MS CRM” To this we posed the question to the room – made up of many of the IT department – “How many folks here know how to program in Force.Com”….no hands went up…..”how many people here know how to program in .NET”…almost all hands went up. We just let that hang there for a few seconds and said – ok let’s move on!

Enjoy the white paper and don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM needs.

Happy CRM’ing

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