This might not be big news out there for our customers – but something here at PowerObjects we will pound our chests about! Over the past year Microsoft has been reworking the partner program in an effort to distinguish Partners that are truly experts in certain areas. In the past, pretty much any partner you talked with could say they were “gold”, there wasn’t much that set one gold partner apart for another gold partner. The problem was that gold could be achieved in anything and truthfully it was mostly based around the number of technical people you had licensed in your organization. So if you were looking for someone to do your CRM system, you might reach out into the partner community and only look at Gold partners – but a group that might have dabbled in CRM and achieved gold based on a deep expertise in infrastructure looked no different than the gold partner that only does CRM (like PowerObjects)


So in the infinite wisdom of Microsoft (that’s for our Microsoft readersJ) they have upped the ante to really becoming recognized as a top level partner with Microsoft. It is no longer just about a group of great technical people – not that they aren’t important, but at the end of the day Microsoft wants and needs customers to be successful with their software and this takes more than smart developers….you need knowledgeable sales people, pre-sales people that live the technology, project managers that know how to bring success to a project, customers that vouch for your success, a dedication to the product line, and yes a bunch of really smart technical people.

PowerObjects has been following this transition very closely and made sure we came in at the highest level right out of the gates – hey it’s all we do so we better be recognized as one of a handful of top ranked companies.

Big deal?!?! What does this mean to me?

A Consultant Looking for a Job – If you love Microsoft Dynamics CRM you’ve found an organization that loves it as much as you do.

An Organization Looking for a Partner – You are in good hands with PowerObjects when it comes to your Dynamics CRM needs. Our focus will make your project successful.

Consulting Company Looking for a Partner – We can add value with our focus on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, leverage our expertise to help bring your vertical solutions to the cloud.

Everyone else – Not really sure why you are reading this blog 😉

OK enough beating our chest for one day, but I’d like to congratulate the whole PowerObjects team on this accomplishment!

Happy CRM’ing

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