Business Issue:

You want to have quick visibility into the last activity date or interaction, type and subject for a lead, account, contact and/or opportunity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The modified on date isn’t the appropriate indicator of last interaction as it represents the last time the record was updated. The last activity close date regarding this record would represent the last interaction date. Once you are tracking the last activity/interaction date, you can then run notification workflows when a lead or account for instance hasn’t had interaction within a certain time period improving your sales analytics.



Add 2 fields on the form (s) that you want to track last activity for:

  1. Date Field called “Last Activity Date”
  2. Text Field called “Activity Type & Subject”

Here is an example on the lead form:

Configure a workflow rule for each activity type that you want to track. My example shows the tracking of phone call activities for leads, accounts, contacts and opportunities. Generally tasks and appointments are also tracked.

Workflow Name: Last Phone Call Activity Date

Entity: Phone Call

Scope: Organization

Start When: Record is Created, Record status changes

Conditional Statement: If Phone Call Activity Status equals Completed

Then conditional statement: check if regarding account owner contains data (essentially checking to see if this phone call is regarding an account or not)

If so then update regarding account record:

Last Activity Date = Actual Completed Phone Call Date

Last Activity Type/Subject = “Phone;” Subject of Phone Call

Repeat for contacts, leads and opportunities and/or any other record types you want to track last activity date, type and subject.

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