It’s that wonderful time of year again. Holiday lights, turkeys and hams, cranberries, and oh – super awkward conversations with family members. We care about your success with Dynamics 365 – including its interaction with your family. That’s why today’s blog is all about how to explain your job as a Dynamics 365 expert to your family members – including those who still think upgrading Windows® means remodeling your home. Of course, Dynamics 365 is all about customized experiences, so we’re providing a solution for each conversation.

Mom and Dad

Your parents want to be proud of you; help them out with some bragging sound bites. Explain to them that you work with the cool Microsoft product called Dynamics 365. It tracks all kinds of data so that your company can make everyone’s life easier. As a Dynamics 365 expert for your business, you are loved by everyone. Operations loves you because you helped them reduce expenses by making the business more efficient. Marketing loves you because they want to market to people that need your services, and you helped them identify the right people. Sales loves you because you helped them connect with lots of people who love your company, and everyone else – especially your company’s leadership – loves you because you’re making the company better. Your parents will still find more ways to tell people how amazing you are, but at least it’s a start!


In the good old days, a pen a paper was all I needed to make my company run smoothly. Sounds like you’re just making things more complicated than you need to with your Tweeter machines and your Facepages,” he’ll say. However, you’ll wow him when you explain that you agree – you love
the Rolodex! That’s why you love your job. You basically get to help people create and use a Rolodex to help them do their job better. Why is that? Dynamics 365 is all about customization. “Don’t you just hate when those telemarketers call during dinnertime, Grandpa? Me too. I help my Sales team learn who actually wants to be contacted and how so they can stop annoying those of us who don’t want dinner interrupted.” You’ll win major bonus points with that one!

The Kid’s Table

Kids understand how technology works better than many **cough** most **cough** adults. However, from Finance and Operations to Customer Engagement, the end-to-end Dynamics 365 platform is a lot to take in – even for those working with it every day. Simplify it. Tell the kids table you work with a computer program that helps people make smart choices.

The Skeptical Uncle

No, corporations aren’t trying to control you, but that’s not going to stop your uncle from saying they are. Dynamics 365 isn’t about mind-control; it’s about options. Explain to the skeptical uncle that if you’re buying a car, you want a choice. You want colors, makes, models – and you definitely want the Sales person to schmooze you (unless you prefer shopping online). You don’t want the Salesperson pushing a gas guzzler when you’re looking for an economy car. Well, Dynamics 365 experts help companies provide these options. It uses the information you choose to share to help the Salesperson know exactly what options the customer wants, rather than the Salesperson pitching the car that’s rusting away on their lot.

The Aunt Who Made the Turkey, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, AND Stuffing

This aunt understands choices. Most people understand the food is amazing, but not everybody wants the gravy. Or maybe someone doesn’t want stuffing, but they want the turkey; they only want the mashed potatoes if they come with gravy on them. Dynamics 365 is a lot like this. The best companies understand Dynamics 365 is an incredible tool, but not all companies need all the workloads. Some only want help managing their operations. Dynamics 365 helps provide choices – even to companies wanting to use the product themselves!

We hope this helps you at the dinner table! Not enough to escape the family interrogations? You can always go hide and binge watch some of our PO TV videos!

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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