Securely store and process credit cards within CRM.


What is PowerCharge?

Get ready for PowerCharge! PowerCharge enables you to charge your customers’ credit cards from directly within your Microsoft Dynamics CRM application without having to store sensitive credit card information locally!

  • Charge and refund credit cards from within your CRM
  • Workflow compatible – examples include:
    • Setting up workflows to process weekly, monthly, or annual subscriptions
    • Transactions run instantly, and the status (succeed, fail and why) are passed back to CRM within seconds
    • Creating a workflow that emails a customer a receipt or a transaction failure notification
    • Charge Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards
  • Choose ePN, Beanstream, authorize.net, or Helcim for your payment gateway
  • Process ACH payments (if you use the authorize.net payment gateway)
  • Upload historical transactions into CRM using PowerCharge

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$1 USD CRM user per month*
  • *All enabled CRM users are counted. This includes read only users, admin only users, office 365 global admins, and service accounts.

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