Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right CRM solution for your organization. Part of that process should include finding the right technology partner that’s focused on your business needs and offers the best CRM services and product knowledge in the market.

Bring More Power to Your CRM

PowerObjects is a technology consulting firm that implements and supports one product and one product only—Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When you work with PowerObjects, you work with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner of the Year for two years running. We’ve learned from working with hundreds of customers what it takes to make a CRM implementation successful and have put that knowledge into action with a menu of services that helps you get the most from your CRM investment.

Add Value to Your CRM

Because the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform is so flexible, our Microsoft CRM development team have taken the “best of” approach and wrapped our solutions into affordable service offerings, allowing you to maximize your CRM potential without breaking the bank. Our experienced team has designed and developed the following service offerings to meet your needs:

  • Microsoft Cloud by PowerObjects

    Simplify your life by bundling your CRM licenses, solution, support, education, and add-ons. Learn More.

  • PowerSuccess

    Enroll in our unique service-as-a-subscription program and ensure long-term CRM success. Learn More.

  • PowerCRM

    Download this Dynamics CRM app for Windows 8 mobile devices, developed by PowerObjects. Learn More.

  • CRM for Healthcare

    Learn about “RxRM” solutions tailored to the healthcare industry.
    Learn More.

  • Office 365

    Manage your CRM and your Office accounts all from one portal.
    Learn More.

  • Custom Portals

    Centralize and extend information to customers, partners and employees. Learn More.

  • xRM Solutions

    See novel ways PowerObjects has implemented xRM—anything relationship management. Learn More.

  • Parature, from Microsoft

    Learn how Parature can revolutionize your customer service.
    Learn More.

  • Alternatives

    See how stacks up to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
    Learn More.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 2015

    Take advantage of powerful new features with the latest release of Dynamics CRM. Learn More.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 2013

    Get service and support for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 implementation. Learn More.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 2011

    Get service and support for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 implementation. Learn More.

  • Custom Screens

    Dramatically improve business processes, user acceptance and productivity. Learn More.

  • Business Solutions

    See how CRM is used for sales management, sales force automation, pipeline management, and more. Learn More.

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