Have you ever gone into an email activity in Dynamics CRM and decided that you want to make the body of the email just a little bit bigger on the form? That should be no problem, right? Just customize the form, find the description field, and increase the number of rows. So what happens if […]

If you recently upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 from CRM 4.0 and are getting an error when attempting to activate or deactivate a contact or account record, we may have the solution for you! So what does this particular error look like? When attempting to activate or deactivate the record, you may receive a […]

Have you ever attempted to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM via ADFS 3.0, and encountered an error like the one below? “An error occurred. Contact your administrator for more information.” Using ADFS 3.0 and accessing CRM will result in the error you see above. This is due to the way ADFS 3.0 handles security—it doesn’t utilize […]

We’ve already covered using portable business logic to show or hide a field in Dynamics CRM 2013 previously in our blog. Today’s post will cover how to hide or show tabs with portable business logic. Since Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 has been released and portable business logic has been introduced to the platform, some of […]

PowerMailChimp is a powerful tool for sending out rich HTML emails right from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. But did you know that you can also use this bulk email add-on to send out plain text emails? Plain text emails are a great way of sending out messaging that is direct and to the point, so […]

PowerMailChimp is one of many PowerPack add-ons that provides specific functionality to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. This add-on gives CRM users the power to perform their bulk emailing out of CRM while automatically relating the send, open, click, bounce, and unsubscribe statistics back to CRM contacts, leads, or accounts. After you’ve sent out a […]

In these days of constant email, sending personalized mail can be a great way of keeping in touch with your customers while making each of them feel special. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you do this through the Mail Merge process. For example, if you want to print letters for multiple customers with names, addresses and […]

PowerObjects has recently rolled out CRM University, a new initiative that provides a host of Microsoft Dynamic CRM training opportunities both in-person and online. As part of this new initiative, we are kicking off our first CRM University Online Series—online training that’s perfect for training CRM admins and pro users without breaking the bank or […]

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