• 23 July 2014
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Have you ever received a phone call, had to ask the person their name, or company name, then had to put them on hold while you find their record in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system? What if there was a tool that could search the records in your CRM, and automatically pop open the record […]

If you have ever wondered what concepts are needed to understand Actions in Dynamics CRM, then this your blog! By definition, Dynamics CRM Actions unify and open a broader channel for automation between CRM platform messages and CRM processes like workflow. It allows more streamlined process flow between programmatic logic (code) and point-and-click processes built […]

If you haven’t done so by now, you are probably considering upgrading to CRM 2013. CRM 2013 introduces the new Server-Side Synchronization (SSS) feature which can take the place of email router. Eliminating the email router also offers the benefit of further centralizing the administration of CRM toward the application layer. In this blog we […]

  • 17 July 2014
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Getting employees to use Dynamics CRM is something that many companies struggle with, but there are many tools available to increase user adoption in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Join us for a quick, half-hour webinar as we talk about 4 of the 20 PowerPack add-ons that help save users time and energy when searching and navigating […]

Good ideas don’t always come with a ton of lead time. For marketers, that can mean changing tactics and shifting gears quickly. Here’s a quick example of how that can happen with the right tools and Dynamics CRM. When the PowerObjects team was participating in a recent CRMUG event, the idea bubbled up to use […]

  • 16 July 2014
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Overview When traveling to visit customers and prospects, many people would like to make the best of their trip.  That is why it is a common request for CRM to “find contacts nearby” my destination.  PowerMap can do just that!  PowerMap allows you to map groups of CRM contacts and get directions to one or […]

Another Spring ’14 Wave Update coming right at you!  In this blog we will cover the advanced features of entitlements – channel, products and contacts. To get a basic understanding of entitlements, please see our previous entitlements overview blog! They are similar to service contracts, but have enhanced functionality. So, compared to a service contract where […]

Today we will be reviewing a new feature that have been introduced as part of the Spring ’14 Update; entitlements.  They are similar to service contracts, but have enhanced functionality. With the new functionality of entitlements, you can: Allocate how much service an account entitled to Limit the amount of service per product for an account […]

As the Spring ’14 Wave continues to make ‘waves’, we continue our own deep-dive into the changes.  Previously, versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM online used a client-to-server strategy to authenticate and transmit data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to SharePoint Online. Now Dynamics has introduced a new approach to CRM and SharePoint integration. The integration now happens at […]

Suppose you have a fancy new Windows 8 or 8.1 (“Blue”) laptop. You are digging the slick user interface of Dynamics CRM 2013 but need to export some data to Excel for some offline calculations. But, snag! Excel isn’t one of the choices you can pick to export the data for some reason. You might […]

We’ve shown you how easy it is to create business processes in Dynamics CRM 2013, but getting to the data that is stored by these business processes is not necessarily an intuitive task. For instance, when using a business process for your sales process, what fields can you use to query and report on the status of […]

  • 8 July 2014
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Sending emails out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is something a lot of CRM users do daily. Since sending emails is an integral part of most users’ days, it makes sense that CRM emails should have the capability to easily make the email messages look slick and modern using HTML and not just plain-text, right? – […]

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