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Many organizations see the potential in using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but lack the resources to build a solid path to CRM success. That’s where the PowerSuccess program comes in. It’s a completely unique service-as-a-subscription program that can help your organization turn your CRM system into a well-oiled machine. It’s also designed to provide a much faster time-to-value than traditional time-and-materials projects, and for a much lower cost.

This video sums up the program in 2 minutes:

Are You a Good Candidate for PowerSuccess?

PowerSuccess is great for both those who are new to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and need help getting up and running, as well as those who have been using it for some time and want to improve their CRM systems to better align with their business processes. It works great for small companies without dedicated internal CRM administrators, and for large companies that may have internal resources, but need additional help optimizing their systems.

Whether you’ve made the commitment to CRM and just need help getting out the door, or you need to save a CRM system that’s gotten off-track, the PowerSuccess program can put you on the path to success.

Key Benefits

  • For a predictable monthly subscription, you’ll get inclusive, personalized support. You’ll know all costs up front so you can budget without any surprises.
  • PowerSuccess lets you hit the ground running, giving you a faster time to value than traditional, project-based CRM services.
  • PowerSuccess customers have access to our entire suite of Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-ons for free. These are tools that provide enhancements in sales, marketing, productivity, and more.
  • You’ll have a dedicated Success Engineer who will help you approach goal building proactively. We will work with you to anticipate necessary changes and customizations.
  • Whenever you need help, you know exactly how to get it—your CRM expert, backed by a world-class, award-winning team. Remember, this isn’t an extra cost—it’s part of your low monthly investment.
  • Whether you have your own CRM administrator or not, you don’t have to worry about hiring additional resources which saves you the pain of HR, payroll, ramp-up time, training, and turnover. We’ve got you covered!

Access to a CRM Expert When You Need It

One of the biggest benefits of the PowerSuccess program is that you’ll work closely with a dedicated CRM expert who will help guide your use of Dynamics CRM over time. Your “Success Engineer” will take the time to understand your business and your business processes, tailoring your CRM system to your needs. Your dedicated Success Engineer is also backed by a world-class team of CRM experts who can help out should the need arise.

Having access to your Success Engineer eliminates the need for you to hire your own CRM administrator internally, saving you the pain of dealing with HR, payroll, ramp-up time, training and turnover.

6 Phases to Success

Opting for the predictability of hosted CRM shouldn’t mean you have to settle for an out-of-the box, generic solution that doesn’t fit your business. Utilizing PowerSuccess, you gain a 6-phase process to ensure the perfect fit:

  1. Foundational Training
  2. Envisioning Requirements
  3. Ranking Priorities
  4. Rendering Requirements
  5. Engage Results
  6. Continual Workflow Shaping & Priority Sequencing

Through our PowerSuccess CRM service, we’ll work with you to make your goals a reality. Download our PowerSuccess brochure to learn more.

PowerSuccess for CRM 2013 Upgrades

Are you in need of assistance with the new version of CRM 2013? PowerSuccess is subscription-based program that allows you to have a dedicated resource for a monthly fee. Your PowerSuccess Engineer will review your business processes and how you can apply it to CRM 2013. From that initial meeting, your PowerSuccess Engineer can assist your organization with the following items:

  • Review business processes
  • Run Custom Code Validation Tool to ensure all custom code will work in CRM 2013
  • Provide best practices
  • Modify old forms to new forms
  • Apply the new process flow user interface
  • Review views, charts and dashboards
  • Review security roles
  • Take advantage of the new synchronous workflow
  • Provide training on new features
  • Review PowerPack add-ons
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Free PowerPack Add-ons

It’s only natural that as your business grows, so will your needs. The PowerPack consists of CRM Add-Ons that enhance your solution. These are included with your PowerSuccess service free! And as new PowerPack features and tools become available, we will automatically install and show you how to use them.

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The PowerSuccess Guarantee

Discover how PowerSuccess can transform your use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With unlimited support and training, your success is guaranteed. See what PowerSuccess can do for your business—download our PowerSuccess brochure now!

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