Have you ever wanted to add images to a record, and be able to see those images right on the main form when you open the record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Well, search no more! PowerPhoto provides Microsoft Dynamics CRM users the ability to drag and drop (or upload) images onto any type of CRM record, and view those images right when they open the record, with no additional clicks.

  • Each PowerPhoto area can support one or multiple images
  • If you choose to view multiple images, you can view thumbnails of the image, or scroll through the images
  • Have one PowerPhoto control, or multiple PowerPhoto controls per CRM record
  • PowerPhoto can be added to any entity in CRM, even custom entities
  • PowerPhoto supports .png, .jpg, .jpeg, and .gif photo types (the 2013 version also supports .bmp)
  • PowerPhoto 2013 allows users to set a default image to display when the record is first opened
  • PowerPhoto 2013 lets users copy an image to the main photo record for out of the box entities



Where are the PowerPhoto images stored?
The photos are stored in the user’s CRM in an entity called PowerPhotos. The photos are compressed before they are stores so they hardly take up any space at all.

How do I get a photo into the PowerPhoto field?
PowerPhoto uses a convenient drag and drop interface – simply click on a photo you’d like to add, drag it over to the PowerPhoto field and drop.

How do I add PowerPhoto to other CRM entities?
PowerPhoto can be added to any entity in CRM, and it’s quite simple to do. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the PowerPhoto user guide.

Can I have more than one PowerPhoto on a record?
Abosolutely! You can add as many PowerPhotos to a record as you’d like. Just follow the instructions in the PowerPhoto user guide.

Why do some of my users get a permission error on the PowerPhoto records?
PowerPhoto comes with a security role that can be assigned to any user looking to view PowerPhotos on a record. System administrators will see PowerPhoto without the addition of this security role.

PowerPhoto Videos


How do I get started?

Try any of our PowerPack Add-ons FREE for 30 days with no risk and no pressure to commit! There are no setup fees, no long-term contracts (simply month to month), and no credit card information required!

Setting up your free 30 day trial is as easy as:

1. Import

Grab the file from the respective PowerPack page and save it on your desktop, or in your downloads folder. Then navigate to your CRM and go to Settings > Customizations > Solutions and click on Import. Find the .zip file that you saved, and walk through the import process. Each add-on will take 2-5 minutes to import. After the import has finished, close that import screen.

2. Register

After the import has finished, you will see the add-on listed in your list of solutions. Double click on the name of the add-on to open the registration screen. Fill in your information in that screen and click on Submit to register for your free 30 day trial!
Note: If you are registering an add-on that asks you for a username and password, please make sure you are registering from your externally-facing URL.

3. Configure

Some of the PowerPack add-ons have some additional information that you can configure in a setup tab, or other tabs in the configuration screen. Please refer to the import & setup guides for the particular add-on that you imported, which can be found on the individual PowerPack pages.

Thank you for giving the PowerPack add-on a try!

If you’re loving the PowerPack add-on, subscribe at the low cost of $1/CRM user/month! If the add-on isn’t suiting your needs, simply remove the solution.

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$1/CRM user/month*

All enabled CRM users are counted. This includes read only users, admin only users, office 365 global admins, and service accounts.

CRM Requirements

Any CRM 2011 UR 17 +, CRM 2013, and CRM 2015 implementation – online or on-prem.

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