Physician Referral Management

Improves outcomes and add value for specialists, PCPs and patients. Get real-time online scheduling, communicate medical information (including referral problem history, diagnostics results and consult findings), and provide context for sensitive patient materials, and point of referral pattern tracking.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Physician Referral Management

Primary care physicians (PCPs) refer patients to specialists on a daily basis. The success of a specialist clinic or a hospital department depends on optimal referral consult management and whether they achieve the best possible outcomes for patients, clinicians, and their practice/department alike. PowerObjects offers an RxRM solution for physician referral management (PRM) that improves scheduling, information exchange, and appointment show rates to increase overall efficiency, as well as highlight referral trends, “splitting” and leakage.

What can our physician referral management system do?

  • Online, real-time visit scheduling

  • Automated phone/email appointment reminders

  • Context/condition sensitive patient information/prep sheets at point of referral

  • Automated, template-driven PCP letters

  • Automated primary care physician updates

  • Referral tracking and trending

  • Financial reporting and projections

Why is it important?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM configured for your organization can improve communication and increase productivity, positively impacting the health of your business and your patients. Studies show that good communication is critical to successful specialty referral:

Communicating patient information at the time of specialty referral is essential to high-quality consultation and coordinated, safe patient care. Both primary care and specialist physicians value this information exchange for shared patients, but dissatisfaction with the current referral process is widespread among primary care physicians (PCPs) and their consultants.– Gandhi T, Keating N, Ditmore M, Kiernan D, Johnson R, Elisabeth Burdick E, Hamann C, Improving Referral Communication Using a Referral Tool Within an Electronic Medical Record

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What do you get with PowerObjects as your CRM for Physician Referral Management partner?

PowerObjects is 100% focused on providing service, support, education and add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our customer-centric approach will ensure that your solution is tailored to your organization’s needs, that you can maximize your user-adoption with our education and training programs taught by our team of Dynamics CRM experts, and receive on-demand technical help from our dedicated support team. We make sure you get the most out of Dynamics CRM! When you work with PowerObjects, you work with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner of the Year for two years running. We’ve learned from working with hundreds of customers what it takes to make a CRM implementation successful and have put that knowledge into action to help you get the most from your CRM investment.