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CRM Trainer

CRM trainers may be responsible for conducting a “train-the-trainer” within an organization or they may be training end-users directly. Either way, trainers need a foundational knowledge of everything CRM can do. Even if the trainers are not customizing CRM, it is helpful to have a broad view of the sales, marketing, and service capabilities, as well as the administration (behind the scenes) in order to teach CRM in context and answer end-user questions about what is possible. CRM trainers may also be a feedback channel facilitating a bi-directional communication to the CRM Administrators. However, CRM trainers focus more on end-user processes and “day in the life” of the end-users than on technical design of the application. It’s critical that CRM trainers are able to connect the CRM functionality with the value it is providing users and convey both the organizational goals for using CRM, as well as the “What’s in it for me” for end users. All of these things are covered in the CRM Trainer Certificate.