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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Education at PowerObjects

There’s a reason that education is one of the four pillars of CRM success at PowerObjects. Organizations that invest in Microsoft Dynamics CRM education have vastly increased user adoption, which in turn ensures they get the best return on their investment. PowerObjects has created many resources to help users get the most out of CRM, including events, trainings, how-to videos, and workshops. Read on to learn more and start taking advantage of these resources.

The CRM How-To Portal
by PowerObjects

This do-it-yourself resource provides video walk-throughs on how to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics
CRM Training

A number of training options, including CRM boot camp and tailored CRM training at your location.

The CRM Event

Learn about our CRM educational event of the year, hosted by PowerObjects.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Events

PowerObjects maintains a list of upcoming Microsoft Dynamics CRM education events. Learn more and register.

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Questions? PowerObjects is happy to discuss CRM training opportunities.