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Hair Loss Restoration Solution Provider

Hair Loss Restoration Solution Provider


The customer hired PowerObjects to implement their Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise platform. They needed a way to schedule appointments for multiple doctors at numerous clinic locations during the week. PowerObjects created an xRM system for them with the capacity for scheduling and marketing efforts.


The customer required a scheduling solution that allowed for scored timeslots and extensive adaptability for each office location. The customer implemented a custom business algorithm to calculate a lead score for every contact that is created in CRM. The ability to implement lead score requirements per office and per timeslot will give them the capability to analyze timeslot utilization business-wide, giving them a better understanding of their leads’ tendencies, thereby allowing them to cater to those tendencies to decrease no-show rates. The capability to balance the resource schedules per office will help to increase customer satisfaction and decrease customer complaints. A scheduling portal was built that allowed for management of schedule logic and tracking in CRM. This portal will be used by clinic staff in customer facing scenarios to book appointments.

Key Benefits

PowerObjects designed a customized, Next Generation Scheduler web application that will be the primary interface used by all users to schedule appointments and manage resource schedule availability. Only reporting and entity maintenance will take place via CRM itself. PowerObjects also integrated their Dynamics CRM system with Oracle using SSIS.

PowerObjects has completed both Phase I and Phase II of the Dynamics CRM implementation for this customer.