CRM Case Study

Ergodyne innovates and delives well-crafted, high functioning, safety work gear for folks in the trenches and on the front lines.


Ergodyne wanted to streamline their marketing automation and extend the functionality of their Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

Key Benefits

Utilizing PowerObjects’ PowerPack add-ons, Ergodyne has streamlined their marketing automation and increased their CRM productivity.

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Ergodyne was already using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and was looking for ways to easily enhance and extend the functionality of their CRM solution in the areas of marketing and sales. The organization chose PowerObjects as the partner to take their Dynamics CRM solution to the next level. With PowerObjects’ help, Ergodyne implemented a suite of PowerPack CRM add-ons that enhance the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, while providing even greater functionality and efficiency.

Overall, Ergodyne need a solution for marketing automation and sales that would:

  • Allow the creation and distribution of bulk emails right from Dynamics CRM using exsisting CRM accounts, contacts, and leads.
  • Enable data tracking in Dynamics CRM so that the campaign results are visible and actionable.
  • Have the ability to trigger follow-up activities in Dynamics CRM from email interactions.
  • Log web traffic and capture lead information in Dynamics CRM.
  • Increase Dynamics CRM efficiency and boost productivity.


The decision to switch to PowerObjects’ PowerPack add-ons was strategic. It allowed us to use only the things we were ready for versus getting a whole suite of tools that we didn’t need or weren’t able to use yet.

-Theresa Nicolai, Digital Associate Marketing Manager at Ergodyne

Key Benefits

By utilizing PowerObjects’ PowerPack add-ons, Ergodyne has been able to streamline their marketing automation and increase their Dynamics CRM productivity.

PowerMailChimp is one of the marketing automation PowerPack add-ons that Ergodyne has utilized most frequently. “We use the PowerMailChimp add-on and it’s been instrumental in our marketing automation—especially for our newsletters, press releases, product updates, and events,” says Theresa Nicolai, Digital Associate Marketing Manager at Ergodyne. “With PowerMailChimp, Ergodyne is able to manage bulk emails that are targeted to different user segments and send approximately four different emails each week.”

Ergodyne can promote their events such as tradeshows, fundraisers, and trainings with PowerMailChimp and track the sends, successful deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes back to individual Dynamics CRM contacts, leads and accounts. “We attend a lot of tradeshows and a good portion of our emails are pre-show and post-show communications. With PowerMailChimp, we are able to query people in the area, people who have attended previous shows, and people we know may be going in order to communicate appropriately with them,” adds Nicolai.

Ergodyne can promote their events such as tradeshows, fundraisers, and trainings with PowerMailChimp Distributing press releases and product spotlight emails has become much easier with PowerMailChimp, and gives Ergodyne the vital statistics about the behavior of email recipients. Whenever Ergodyne launches a new product, they can easily send updates to their distributors and sales representatives.

PowerWebTraffic—another CRM add-on developed by PowerObjects—allows Ergodyne to combine the power of website analytics with the power of Dynamics CRM. “From a sales standpoint, PowerWebTraffic is really beneficial. We can find out if a lead has visited the website, see what pages they were looking at, and discover what interests them. It’s a pretty powerful tool.”

With the PowerWebForm add-on, Ergodyne can capture leads and pull that information directly into their CRM system. “We have a lot of landing pages that drive lead generation and we really like how PowerWebForm is integrated with Dynamics CRM, which makes lead capture much easier,” says Nicolai. Ergodyne uses this add-on for lead generation and because this information is written into Dynamics CRM in real-time, they can immediately send out follow-up emails.

Ergodyne has also improved efficiency by using the PowerGlobalSearch add-on, which allows users to search any entity and any field from one window in Dynamics CRM. “We use PowerGlobalSearch consistently, especially when it comes to data integrity,” says Nicolai, “PowerGlobalSearch allows us to search across multiple entities in CRM, allowing us to do something that nothing else can. It saves time, allows us to see everything in one place, and is a huge efficiency to our company.”

By implementing these PowerPack add-ons by PowerObjects, Ergodyne was able to pick and choose á la carte solutions that made sense for their organization. With each PowerPack ranging from $1-$2 per user per month, the add-ons provide Ergodyne with exactly the functionality they were looking for at a very affordable price.