PowerObjects Feature: 2013 by the Numbers

Get a glimpse of what PowerObjects accomplished in 2013.

2013 by the Numbers

PowerObjects is a professional services firm 100% focused on providing service, support, education and add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


PowerObjects tailors services for different customers, from the small businesses and do-it-yourself crowd to enterprise-level, large-scale implementations. Programs include PowerSuccess, XRM, RxRM (CRM for Healthcare), customized portals, integration with other systems and much more.

We are passionate about offering awesome, responsive support to Microsoft Dynamics CRM users. Customers can choose from standard on-demand support or premium services like PowerSupport. Real-time support information is available through our communications portal, PowerCare.

PowerObjects promotes Dynamics CRM education to empower users to get the most out of Dynamics CRM, offering training on everything from user basics to advanced topics. We constantly add to our CRM How-to Portal, and host an annual Dynamics CRM educational conference called PowerUp.

We are always improving and adding to our suite of Dynamics CRM add-ons, dubbed the PowerPack suite. These include tools for sales, marketing, productivity, and more. We’ve also developed Power8CRM— a Dynamics CRM companion app for Windows 8 tablets.

Core Values

Always Add Value.
Be uncompromising in our commitment to the success of our clients.

Think Team.
Look not for credit; focus on results.

Love What You Do.
Bring passion to our work; never stop striving to achieve our fullest potential.

Live the Technology.
Practice what we preach; be our own best case study.

Do the Right Thing.
Stay true to our values; never compromise our integrity.

PowerObjects Culture

Learn what it’s like to be a part of the PowerObjects team!

People Who Know Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We know Microsoft Dynamics CRM inside out. Our staff is trained and focuses 100% on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Say “Hello” to our Executive Team.

PowerObjects People - Dean Jones

Dean Jones


Dean has been helping organizations leverage technology to solve business problems for more than 20 years. A true technical visionary at heart, Dean’s career has been focused on designing and implementing solutions to support a vast array of business processes and challenges. Dean’s system architecture experience includes the design and implementation of many solutions for classic premise based CRM deployment scenarios for commercial, government and non-profit organizations of all sizes.

Today, Dean is one of the emerging experts in understanding the benefits and solving the challenges of cloud-based architecture. Dean is passionate about designing, developing and extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions to help our customers solve their business issues. As a technical CEO, Dean’s first love is the opportunity to roll-up his sleeves and be a part of the PowerObjects teams that are engaged with real world customer challenges and participate by sharing his insights and experience as they work together to meet the needs of our customers.

Dean participates on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner Advisory Council and is a frequent contributor to the PowerObjects blog and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM community. Prior to founding PowerObjects, Dean was a consultant with Anderson Consulting. Dean earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.

PowerObjects People - Jim Sheehan

Jim Sheehan


Jim oversees the strategic direction and day-to-day operation of PowerObjects, including sales, marketing, solution delivery and operations. Under his leadership and guidance, Jim has transitioned the company’s vision to a laser focus on doing everything it takes to become the leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner worldwide. It’s a big goal, but Jim brings boundless energy to the task and requires little sleep.

As a super-user of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and a participant on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner Advisory Council, Jim loves how PowerObjects is its own best case study and uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to keep their collective finger on the pulse of PowerObjects. Jim holds a degree in Finance from University of St. Thomas.

PowerObjects People - Alex Fagundes

Alex Fagundes


Alex is one of two people at PowerObjects recognized by Microsoft with a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for his exceptional technical knowledge and contributions to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM community. The MVP designation is held by just a handful of experts worldwide.

Alex started programming when he was just 10 years old on a Commodore 64, and then on an Amiga 500. Prior to joining PowerObjects as CIO, Alex spent 10 years with Fortune 500 corporation General Mills, where he held various IT management and leadership positions.With a wealth of knowledge, and skills in application and infrastructure architecture and design, Alex’s primary role is to provide the day-to-day technical direction and leadership for PowerObjects development, cloud infrastructure and support teams.

Alex earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Iowa State.

PowerObjects People - Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson


Talk to Steve for one minute and it will be clear that Steve’s passion is to help customers realize the benefits of an investment in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Steve knows Microsoft Dynamics CRM inside and out, and has been working with the solution since before version 1.0 even launched. Having worked with hundreds of organizations large and small over the course of his 17+ years in business technology, Steve has a broad knowledge of various business models and processes, as well as the issues and challenges many organizations face. Steve leads a team of experienced professionals who focus on solid solution selling, building successful partnerships with customers and most importantly, making it their job to truly understand and add value to a customer’s organization.

Under Steve’s leadership, the business development team consistently scores high on customer satisfaction measures that are embedded in every step of PowerObjects’ proven process. The result has been record numbers of satisfied new customers and significant growth year over year for PowerObjects.

Prior to joining PowerObjects in 2008, Steve helped build and lead long-time accounting and business software publisher Red Wing Software. Steve also did a tour in business development with well-respected global enterprise software publisher SAP.

PowerObjects People - Gretchen Opferkew

Gretchen Opferkew


Another recipient of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP award, Gretchen is a master at juggling many projects and responsibilities while never letting things fall through the crack. She is driven by her passion for helping organizations use Microsoft Dynamics CRM strategically to be successful and achieve their goals.

With more than 200 CRM implementations under her belt, Gretchen now oversees CRM University, which trains new consultants in the PowerObjects way of guiding customers along in a project, providing best practices consulting, and designing the best system architecture for clients. She also oversees customer education and community educational content.

Gretchen holds a number of Microsoft Dynamics CRM certifications and graduated from Bethel University with a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership.

PowerObjects People - Biplab Mandal

Biplab Mandal


Biplab is a ‘think positive’ type of guy, and on any given day oversees dozens of projects, deliverables and responsibilities without compromising on quality. He has three modes – “Planning”, “Executing” and “Monitoring”. Biplab handles day-to-day management of the PowerObjects consulting team, grooms/coaches team members, and manages the project delivery process, best practices and client success.

Biplab is a self-motivated Dynamics CRM veteran with the experience of having worked on all product versions. He has led and managed several small and large scale global implementations and upgrades across America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East ranging from 10 users to 10,000+ user bases. Has also coached, mentored and managed several cross functional teams at onsite, offshore and blended delivery models. He is driven by his passion for helping organizations both achieve growth and grow strategically by leveraging Dynamics CRM. He thrives under pressure and has been instrumental in rescuing several sinking projects across the globe and anchoring them to success.

Biplab holds a number of Microsoft Dynamics CRM certifications and graduated from TAPMI, India with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA).

PowerObjects People - Jo Ann Buckholz

Jo Ann Buckholz


Jo Ann Buckholz is the chief financial officer at PowerObjects. With her keen ability to crunch numbers and review financial reports, Jo Ann is a key member of the leadership team and plays a vital role in the financial and accounting operations of the company.

In addition to having strong finance skills and being very business savvy, she is skilled at wearing many hats, including administration, management, accounting, purchasing, and human resources. Her expertise stems from her more than two decades of accounting and financial management experience working for technology and professional services organizations.

She began her career in accounting at Ernst & Young. Prior to joining PowerObjects, she was an independent consultant serving small to mid-size organizations, as well as the director of finance and administration for Telepartner International, Inc., a communications software company.

A certified public accountant, Jo Ann earned a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of Connecticut.

PowerObjects People - Jeff Wedren

Jeff Wedren


Never one to shy away from non-traditional marketing techniques, Jeff devises big, hairy, audacious marketing goals and drives them through to completion. Through Jeff’s marketing leadership, PowerObjects has impacted a huge cross section of the greater Microsoft Dynamics CRM community by giving away relevant, useful content for free—such as the number one Microsoft Dynamics CRM blog in the industry, The CRM Book, and the CRM How To Portal.

Jeff got his start working for one of the first search engines in Silicon Valley before moving to a more entrepreneurial role in specialty e-commerce. Ultimately his experience and interests brought him to Minneapolis to team up with the folks at PowerObjects.


PowerObjects employees hail from 17 different countries and speak 31 different languages

Since 2009, we grew from 35 employees to 273 employees

We have over 100,000 subscribed seats to our PowerPack add-ons

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