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Dear Joe,

Use PowerAutoNumber for Rewarding my Customers

I’ve recently been tasked with developing a rewards program for my organization and I’d like to use PowerAutoNumber to create the member’s reward number automatically once we’ve indicated on their Contact record that they’ve joined the program. Easy enough, however, when I try to use PowerAutoNumber, it creates the reward number for every new Contact record, please help!


Rewards Wrangler

Dear Rewards Wrangler,

Using PowerAutoNumber to assign your members’ reward numbers is a great choice since PowerAutoNumber will provide a unique number on each record. The reward number assignment can be automated through a workflow with just a few steps.

The first step is to check the Update Only box on the PowerAutoNumber rule so that newly created records are not numbered. Once this box is checked, the only way to number a record is by adding the placeholder to the field – either manually or through a workflow.

Use PowerAutoNumber for Rewarding my Costumers

Which leads us to the second step of creating a workflow to add the auto number placeholder to the record. You’ll want to create a workflow which will start when the rewards application field changes.

The first step of the workflow is to add a Check Condition that checks for the field and value you’re using for your rewards application and that the rewards number field does not contain data – this way an existing number will not be overwritten. In our example, we’re looking for the Rewards Application field to equal Yes.

Then, you’ll create a step to update the Contact record and add the rewards auto number placeholder in the appropriate field. Remember to activate the workflow when you’re finished.

Use PowerAutoNumber for Rewarding my Costumers

Now, you’ll be able to mark the rewards application field on your Contact record and, upon saving, the workflow will begin.

Now you have all the steps you need to implement your rewards program or add an auto number to a record through a workflow!

Need help creating your workflow? Our friendly billable support team can help consult or create custom workflows. Submit your request today! Haven’t tried PowerAutoNumber yet? You can try it FREE for 30 days.



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