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It’s finally here folks. CRMUG Summit 2016 starts NOW! It wouldn’t be a Wednesday without an episode of The CRM Minute, so we’ve got your minute fix coming to you LIVE today from the expo floor at the Summit. Let’s hear from PowerObjects representatives Jeff and Sarah about what day one has in store!


As you can see, we’ve got a LOT in store for those attending CRMUG. Make sure you come find us at booth #1001 to say hi to Joe CRM and get your PowerObjects swag game on. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, because we’ll be bring you LIVE segments of The CRM Minute all week long!

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Joe CRM is a CRM superhero who runs on pure Microsoft Dynamics CRM adrenaline. As the face of PowerObjects, Joe CRM’s mission is to reveal innovative ways to use Dynamics CRM and bring the application to more businesses and organizations around the world.